The Ghost Ship That Never Docked

The mystery of the Flying Dutchman

Fans of horror stories must have heard the name “The Flying Dutchman”. You don’t have to like horror stories to know the legend of the ghost ship. Flying Dutchman itself is a ghost ship story familiar to the ears of sailors. Several crew members reported seeing sightings of this ghost ship on the high seas.

Well, curious about all the mysteries surrounding the Flying Dutchman?

History of The Flying Dutchman

“The Flying Dutchman” is not the name of a ship, but it is the name of the ship’s captain. The captain is Bernard Fokke, but there is also another version that mentions that the ship’s captain’s name is Hedrick Van der Decken.

Long story short, in 1641 Captain Van der Decken had to sail with the beginning of his ship from Amsterdam to Java island and have an eventual destination in the Cape of Good Hope. Some say that the captain asked the devil for help to run his ship quickly. However, there is also a version that says that when running the ship the captain is in a state of drunken liquor.

When the ship passes through the Cape of Good Hope, which is known as dangerous terrain, there comes a powerful storm that makes the waves even higher. The ship became a wreck, and the situation became increasingly uncontrollable.

Amid the worsening weather, the ship’s past men pleaded with the captain to stop immediately and pull over the ship. However, instead, the captain grew increasingly angry and said: “I swear I will not stop the servant and keep advancing to the destination, otherwise I and my crew will be cursed forever!”

Suddenly a storm hit the ship, so they lost against nature. And be damned forever. The ‘oath’ uttered by Captain Van der Decken came true. They are all cursed to sail in the seven oceans forever.

The Crew Is Stricken with Disease

There are several versions of The Flying Dutchman’s history, one of which is a version that tells the story of the captain and his ship’s crew of dangerous infectious diseases. As a result, they do not allow their ships to dock anywhere because people fear being infected by the disease.

As he continued to sail in pain, the entire crew died in ago tinges for not getting proper treatment. This version of the story is also believable, besides the version that mentions that a storm hit the ship in Tanjung Harapan.

Flying Dutchman Sightings

The mystery of The Flying Dutchman doesn’t just end. It is said that since the accident that struck the ship and its crew; the wreck has never been found. There have been some reports that other crew members often saw sightings of ghost ships on the high seas.

For example, in 1823 Captain Oweb, HMS Leven reported that he saw an empty ship adrift at sea. After his ship approached the ship, the mysterious ship was instantly lost.

Another with a story shared by the crew of a British-flagged ship. In 1835, the British ship was caught in a storm in the middle of the ocean. From a distance, they saw the alleged Flying Dutchman approaching and seemed to be about to crash into their ship. Before the two ships collide, the ghost ship disappears from view.

200 years since the flying dutchman’s ship, it turns out that this ghost ship is still terrorizing many other ships. IN 1941, for example, several people on Glencairn Beach claimed to have seen an obsolete ship hit a rock and then split up. However, after an on-site investigation, it turned out that they found no wreck, not even the debris was visible.

There are still many other reports that the Flying Dutchman still often spreads terror among the crew and people are on the beach. To be clear, this Flying Dutchman is one of the world’s most feared ghost ships.

Can Harm Other Ships

Rumors that the Flying Dutchman could harm other ships are true. It is said that this cursed ship could wretch other ships and kill its crew.

It was told in 1881 that three men aboard HMS Bacchante including King George V saw an empty ship that continued to sail against the currents of their ship. The next day, one of the ship’s men was found dead in horrific conditions.

Flying Dutchman ships are often seen by other ships. This ghost ship often spreads terror by sailing towards other ships as if about to crash into it. As a result, this incident caused other ships to turn around to avoid collisions. When the collision was successfully avoided, the mysterious ship was no longer visible.

Not only does it spread terror fears, but the Flying Dutchman has also made several other ships wretched to crash into hidden rocks or reefs. When a ship hits a hard object, it is not impossible if it breaks down to kill its crew.

Myths to See The Flying Dutchman

The whereabouts of the Flying Dutchman remains a mystery. Sightings of this ghost ship have been rarely seen lately. However, there are still many people who are determined to see the ghost ship.

According to the myth swirling, if you want to see the Flying Dutchman, you can sail by boat in the middle of a storm in the Cape of Good Hope area (such as when the Flying Dutchman sailed to wretchedness). Believe it or not, the ship will appear at the time of the storm that hit the sea of Cape of Good Hope.

Flying Dutchman, the Cursed Ship That Never Docked

According to the oath sworn by Captain Hedrick Van der Decken, the ship he boarded will remain adrift at sea. The difference is that this ship is not sailing in a tangible form, but an astral or invisible form.

The curse of the Flying Dutchman carried on until the end of their lives. They will continue to dock in the seven oceans until the Day of Resurrection.

Do you believe in the mystery of The Flying Dutchman?

Believe it or not, it all comes back to each other’s self-belief. To be sure, until now The Flying Dutchman is still a legend that remains spooky if retold.

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