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“I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle.

The journalist who disguised as a crazy person was trapped in a mental hospital for 10 days.

What do you do if you admitted to a mental hospital? How is life in a mental hospital? This question was all answered when a woman named Elizabeth Cochran, better known as Nellie Bly, pretended to be a madman to investigate after a patient said that doctors and nurses had treated them like an animal.

About Elizabeth Cochran

Nobody expected that the husband, wife, and two children committed a series of murders over the years to visitors to their place.

Some tourists who visited Labette County never returned and were declared missing. In the area where there are almost no settlements stands a cottage which is a food shop and an inn owned by the Bender family. Nobody expected that the husband, wife, and two children committed a series of murders over the years to visitors to their place. This is the story of America’s first serial killer family.

The Japanese cult that was obsessed with the idea of the apocalypse.

Hearing Japanese names, people will imagine many things. From its bloody history from the samurai era to World War II, its inhabitants' discipline, technological advancements, and modern works of art dominated by anime & manga. From a social perspective, Japan's modern population is also known for not having a strong religious tradition. However, from this “land of the rising sun,” a mysterious and phenomenal religious movement named “Aum Shinrikyo” was born.

Aum Shinrikyo was the name of an organization in Japan that claims to be a new religious movement and believes in the end. The term “Aum Shinrikyo” comes from…

In 1968, a young man pretending as a policeman rob a car containing 300 million yen. He drove away and was unidentified until now.

The 300 million yen robbery, also known as the 300 million yen affair or incident, was the single largest heist in Japanese history. It occurred on the morning of December 10, 1968, in Tokyo, Japan. Half a century later, the case remains unsolved.

On the morning of December 10, 1968, A young man in police uniform stopped his motorcycle at an intersection. A speck of snow fell from the sky. Offices and several shops have just opened. Christmas baubles look lively on sale in some stores because soon the year-end holiday will arrive.

The policeman’s view was sharply watched over…

Nobody knows what really happened to the ship until a message in a bottle was found one day.

In late January 1921, a coast guard on Cape Hatteras spotted a five-mast sailing ship. The ship was wrecked and appeared to be abandoned. The rudder was destroyed, the direction box was damaged, navigation disappeared, and the most mysterious thing was the disappearance of 8 crew members.

The ship was named Carrol A. Deering, after the son of the owner. Built-in Bath, Meine in 1919, Deering was a five-mast sailing ship that was intended for commercial activities.

Chronology of Events

The dog was successfully resurrected, and then he tried to revive a human dead

The world of science is full of wonders, demonstrating unique phenomena, and has always been a part of nature. From a long time ago, scholars have always sought answers behind the phenomena in front of their eyes, starting from philosophical arguments to studies capable of proving and demonstrating the presence of the phenomenon, as a way to deepen the field named science.

Robert E. Cornish (called Robert Cornish) was a genius man born in San Francisco, USA. At the age of 15-year-old, he graduated from his school and continued his degree studies at the University of California. …

On December 2, 1919, just hours after completing a multimillion-dollar business transaction in Toronto, entertainment entrepreneur Ambrose Small mysteriously disappeared.

Although a search had been carried out, traces of Ambrose Small have never been found. Police suspect the involvement of Small’s wife and private secretary. However, neither the police nor private investigators found any evidence of involvement between the two. This case is one of the most mysterious and unsolved missing person mysteries.

Building an Entertainment Business

Ambrose J. Small was a Canadian theater entrepreneur who owns a number of theaters based in Ontario, including the Grand Opera House in Toronto, the Grand Opera House in Kingston, and the Grand Theatre in London.

Small was born in 1866 in Bradford, Western Canada, to Daniel…

The untold story of murder as the culprit mysteriously disappears

The case of Lord Lucan’s disappearance on 8 November 1974 left a mystery that has caught the world’s attention for four decades. The murder took place in London’s Belgravia. That night a woman covered in blood staggered into a pub called Plumber’s Arms asking for help while crying…

The name John Bingham or familiarly called Lord Lucan briefly caused a Stir in England in the 1970s. The cause was the murder of the caregivers of their three children.

Richard John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan (born 18 December 1934 — disappeared 8 November 1974, declared dead 3 February 2016), commonly…

The mysterious disappearance of the crew

Events that occur in the high seas can come unexpectedly. The skippers, crew, and even anglers may have considered all the risks that will happen before finally deciding to sail.

Humans often use sea transportation as a link between traders around the world. It is not without risks, extreme weather that can trigger big storms or technical problems, ultimately making the sailors end up with a heartbreaking story.

This is the mystery of Marie Celeste and the crew of the mysteriously missing ship that has been summarized for you.

Marie Celeste's Dark History

In 1979, five men were missing while they’re gone fishing and after 10 years something happens

Five men went fishing in the Hawaiian Islands on a sunny day. They then rushed off with a borrowed ship without the slightest clue that it would be a fateful day that would put them in one of the unsolved mysteries of maritime history to this day.

That day on February 11, 1979, five construction workers, Scott Moorman (27), Benjamin Kalama (38), a tile installer, Peter Hanchett (31), a plumber, Patrick Woessner (26), a gardener, and Ralph Malaiakini (27) a haulage business had just completed their work building a house in Maui, Hawaiian Islands.

A Fateful Day

Sunny days, blue skies, and calm…


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